Monday, June 17, 2019

~25 spots left.....

Current rider list.    If you sent in a card and don't see your name here drop us an email.   Your PC wouldn't be the first piece of mail the Watertown post office has delivered to one of our neighbors.

Ali Parsons Towle
Angela Hop
Bill Callas
Bob Lamoreaux
Bob Mueller
Brian Groh
Brian Shannon
Charles Wolf
Chris Sibley
Chuck Barden
Corey Towle
Craig Gustafson
Dana Kromer
Dave Shulman
David Wargin
Deb Lind
Denis Zueg
Derek Leventy
Dick Stardig
Ed Matthiesen
Edward Eroe
Elliot Stoltz
Emily Flynn
Eric McKee
Eric Sundstrom
Eric Wing
Gary Elling
Gary Glubka
Greg Bernhardt
Greg Fields
Issac Stoltz
Jason Thon
Jeff Henkemeyer
Jeff Hinck
Jeff Mandel
Jim Cuene
Joe Black
Joel Salonek (WT)
John Barten
John Carline
John Hausladen
John Ingham
Jon Lane
Karen Christy
Kate Ankofski
Kevin Dana
Kevin Vander Velden
Larry Mulenburg
Lynn Gregory
Lynne Dana
Marc Seaburg
Mat Boie
Mike Berger 
Mike Campbell
Mike Hartogh
Patrick Morton
Peter Loewenson
Richard Anderson
Richard Franco
Rick Phillips
Rob Mosimann
Robert Stoltz
Steve Bertossi
Steve Schoo
Terry Blackford
Tim Bauer
Tim Staloch
Wayne Bishop

Monday, April 22, 2019

Over 60, alternate to post card registration

I believe we are over 60 postcards now.    And Jim is over 60, so nice work.   :-)

Fellow Dirty Lemming Jeff Mandel is doing a special ride across America this year for a good cause.  

Anyone that donates gets a postcardless  2019 (or 2020 if you have already registered) Dirty Lemming registration.   😊

Just email your info to us and let us know that you donated.

Park Nicollet Foundation has a special program, “Growing through Grief" that provides in school counseling and support groups to students who have lost a loved one or a classmate.  It is currently in 73 school in 13 school districts with more than 500 students receiving counseling support every week.

Please check out my blog:  to learn more about the program and to follow me as I ride bike across America.  The blog is up and the ride starts April 28th.


Jim and Suzanne

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Number 9, Number 9, Number 9.

Postcard Registration is open for the 9th Dirty Lemming Gravel Ride.

This years ride is as always, on the last Saturday in July,  So, .... July 27, 2019.

If you can make it, send a post card with
Bike Type (Fat, Single Speed, Tandem, ....)

Mail to:
Dirty Lemming Gravel Ride
C/O Jim Smith
916 Dutchmans Way SE 
Watertown, MN 55388

Hope to see you there,

Jim and Suzanne

The best supported unsupported gravel ride in the world.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Pictures are up!

Two links below to more than 500 pictures.   Thanks Mark and Mari.


More Pictures 

Ever wonder why our volunteers keep coming back and are so enthusiastic?    Each has their own reason, for Mark it is Suzanne's 6AM breakfast Bloody Mary that lubricates his vocal cords for the anthem.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Preliminary Results Up

Results are up in the tab on the right.   A few people rode a little less than intended, a few people rode a little more than intended.   But everyone seemed to have a good time.

If we messed up a time or place, let me know.

Hope to get some pictures up soon...   

Another really nice day, will be tough to match the weather again, but we will try.

Thanks again to everyone that came out, it should be obvious that we really enjoy putting this event on each year.

Thanks to our neighbors who lend us lawn furniture and support the chaos that comes with starting a ride in a cul-de-sac.

Jim, Suzanne, Justine, Ed, Becky, Barb(Nicest Lemming), Mark, Marita, Ann and Cathy.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Final Routes

See the "Race Day Details" tab on the right for all the information you will need.

Below are courses for next Saturday, again, race day details on the tab on the right with GPX files, cue sheets, and other helpful info.    

The 100K course is the same as last year.

The 100 mile course was re-routed to go through the Biscay check point twice.  It got a bit more complicated around Biscay due to some construction and unintended pavement.  But the new quiet gravel roads down around Brownton make it a very nice ride. On a recon ride last Saturday we encountered 3 cars and 2 bars in the 38 mile Brownton loop.  We like that ratio.

Overall both courses are riding firmly with the exception of the 20 miles from Biscay to Winsted which has quite a few loose gravel sections that will be challenging.

The 10 miles of Luce Line trail from Winsted to Watertown that both courses finish on will be very fast.