Saturday, June 27, 2015

4 weeks to go....

I've had a few emails asking if we are open.   

When we're closed I will post a notice to site and remove the mailing address for the post card from the post below.

Registrations keep coming in and we've had a few drops.   
Can't seem to get quite get to 100.   Add a few, drop a few.

If you don't see your name and sent in a postcard, let me know.

Adam Staufenberg
Adisack Nhouyvanisvong
Andrew Kilness
Anna Sviben
Austin Carline
Bill Callas
Bob Mueller
Bob Skidmore
Brent Lein
Brent Vacinek
Brett Sweeney
Brian Groh
Brian Siska
Bruce Anderson
Bruce Berry
Carol Markham Cousins
Charles Wolf
Chris Heller
Christina Ross
Chuck Barden
Cole Rogers
Cory "crash" Hedin
Craig Gustafson
Craig Laing
David Vessel
David Ziemer
Deb Lind
Denis Zeug
Dick Anderson
Dick Stardig
Don Scheese
Ed Matthiesen
Emily Flynn
Gary Elling "Terimo Kasih"
Gary Glubka
Greg Fields
Greg Hanson
Jeff Mandel
Joe Bischoff
Joel Salonek
John Carline
John Hokanson
John Knudson
John Ostmoe
John Young
Joshua Schneider
Karen Christy
Kelly Hines
Kevin Raasch
Kory Johnson
Kristi Linder
Kristine Ensrud
Kurt Waananen
Kurtis Wilson
Larry Mulenburg
Linda Dorow
Mark Bliven
Mark Bushinski
Mark Seaburg
Michelle Johnston
Mike Hartogh
Norm Peterson
Patrick Kinney
Paul Urbanski
Pete Pascale
Peter Spencer
Peter Thurmes
Randy Peterson
Rich Zvosec
Rigel Menard
Robert Hest
Ron Lancaster
Scott Klein
Shana Froehling
Shaun Flynn
Steve Porvaznik
Steve Schoo
Steve Skarvan
Steve Wachholtz
Tim Bauer
Tim Holmstrom
Tim Oolman
Timothy Wilt
Tom Goblish
Tony Carter
Trenton Raygor
Wayne Bishop

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Registration is open

This year’s ride will be on Saturday July 25th.   

And it is still free if you don't count the cost of a postcard and stamp!

We’re limiting the ride to 100 entrants this year.

You should know the drill by now…….

Send a postcard to:
Dirty Lemming Gravel Ride
C/O Jim Smith
916 Dutchmans Way SE
Watertown, MN 55388

Distance 100K or 100 mile.
Bike type (Geared, Single Speed, FAT, Tandem, Trike, Unicycle, ….. )
T-Shirt (Yes or No) and (S,M,L,XL,XXL)  - cost is $20 payable on race day

Hope to see you back again this year!

Warm regards,

Jim, Suzanne, Ed, and Becky

Monday, January 26, 2015

2015 Dirty Lemming date is set

The date for the 2015 Dirty Lemming is set for Saturday July 25th.

We'll begin the postcard registration on April 1st.    This year we're limiting registration to the first 100 entrants.   Look for details later this spring.

Format will be similar to last year with 100 K and 100 mile options.

Hope to see you there.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

2014 Results

Thanks to everyone for showing up, we really had a blast.   Pictures and some comments to follow in the next day or so.

Below is what I have for times, if you see a big discrepancy, let me know, I'll fix it. 

I'm pretty sure something got lost in translation.  This is a lot of time math done in my head.  ;-)   And there is a chance I even have people in the wrong race.

Record times in all categories, weather was certainly a factor and the new course was faster and 5 miles shorter than last year. 

While we didn't have any Fat Bikes entered, Kurt had some tire problems and rode my Fat bike from Stockholm to the finish.  So he won the Fat Bike category, with an asterisk.

100 Miles

5:27 Nick Vetter Geared
5:34 Trenton Raygor SS
5:34 Adam Staufenberg Geared
5:34 David Ziemer Geared
5:34 Tim Oolman Geared
5:34 Bruce Anderson Geared
5:35 Scott Klein Geared
5:38 Randy Peterson Geared
5:45 Steven Wilson Geared
5:46 Ken Earley SS
5:59 Bill Callas Geared
6:07 Bianca Bergman Geared
6:07 Adam Bergman Geared
6:15 Norm Peterson Geared
6:15 Tim Holmstrom Geared
6:19 Bob Mueller Geared
6:21 Wayne Bishop Geared
6:21 Greg Fields Geared
6:21 Rich Zvosec Geared
6:21 John Ostmoe Geared
6:22 Kurt Waananen Fat Bike*
6:24 Howard Wiebold Geared
6:26 Brent Lein Geared
6:27 Justin Kremer Geared
6:29 Andy Williams Geared
6:32 John Will Geared
6:42 John Baritone Geared
6:43 Brian Groh Geared
6:53 John Carline Geared
7:01 Cole Rogers Geared
7:01 Mark Seaburg Geared
7:04 Mark Bushinski Geared
7:16 Steve Schoo Geared
7:16 Craig Gustafson Geared
7:16 Kristi Linder Geared
7:22 Alex Katov Geared
7:26 Doug Lost Krone Geared
8:37 Larry Kirch Geared
8:37 Ed Matthieson Geared
DNS Dan Jansen Geared
DNS Jason Lajon Geared
DNS Jim Bell Geared
DNS Mark Skarpohl Geared
DNS JJ Egbers Geared


Tim Kinney

3:33 Patrick Kinney Geared
3:47 John Knudson Geared
3:52 Brent Vacinek Geared
3:54 Joe Bischoff Geared
3:54 Cory "crash" Hedin Geared
3:55 Bobby Vigil Geared
3:55 Shaun Flynn Geared
3:58 Tony Carter Geared
4:02 Robin Welling Geared
4:20 Pete Pascale Geared
4:22 Peter Thurmes Geared
4:25 John Hokanson Geared
4:43 Tony Abelson Geared
4:44 Dick Stardig Geared
4:48 Kory Johnson Geared
4:55 Don Scheese Geared
5:02 Michelle Wilwerding Geared
5:03 JB Matthews Geared
5:04 Timothy Jung Geared
5:08 Tim Bauer Geared
5:13 Luke Sicora Geared
5:13 Austin Carline Geared
5:13 Wayne Sicora Geared
5:23 Mike Brown Geared
5:24 Adisack Nhouyvanisvong Geared
5:27 Lisa Day Geared
5:28 Colin Dunn Geared
6:09 Brett Sweeney Geared
6:09 Vic Tonn Geared
6:17 Chuck Barden Geared
6:26 Sandy Ostmoe Geared
6:32 Jean Abelson Geared
DNS Callie Vergas Geared

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Race Day Details

---- Update 7/26 
Bag drop
Feel free to bring a bag to leave at the start/finish so you can change clothes and get comfortable.

My Neighbor who is also riding has offered up his pool for a cool down, will have to hose you down first though.

----  Update 7/23

Updated Cue Sheet
For safety reasons I'm moving the sprint finish.   The sprint finish for those of you concerned with your place will be just before where the Luce Line goes under highway 25 coming into Watertown.    We'll try put up a cone 50 feet before the tunnel and hopefully it will be there when you finish. Otherwise just improvise.

So if you feel the need to contest a place within the group you are riding with this is where you can do it.   There won't be anyone there to judge so work it out with your fellow sprinters and record it when you get to the finish.

Here is an updated cue sheet.   No different than the last one except the sprint finish is called out.

Cue Sheet

GPX files and maps in post below do not change.

Sounds like it might be foggy on Saturday morning, might be a good idea to put a rear blinker on your bike.



---- 7/20 update below

Course update I rode the entire course today (7/20) on my fat bike and it's in pretty good shape, some of the rains have made for some sketchy washed out stretches, so you will need to be careful, but that's par for the course when riding gravel.

Bring some patience and a good attitude

This is a free ride funded by Jim, Ed, and our families.   The volunteers are our friends and they get a free t-shirt for their effort funded by those of you who purchased them.

We increased the number of riders significantly this year, so the start will be a bit hectic, but with two distances and varied riding speeds we expect the finish to be a fun and laid back.

Start time
When : 7 AM, Saturday July 26th, 2014

Maps, Cue Sheets, GPX files

See post below, we encourage the use of gps devices!   Everytrail and a dozen others have smartphone apps that you can use that are either free or only a couple dollars.


Registration opens at 6 AM.   
You will need to sign a waiver, get your packet which will include a number for your helmet and a copy of the cue sheet.   You can also pick up and pay for your t-shirt if you ordered one.

Directions to parking and start

You will need to get to Watertown, from there park at Christ Community Church on Highway 10.   See map on how to get from parking to start.   There is a biffy next to the ball field at the parking lot.  Use it to keep the bathroom line at the house down.

There is limited parking on the street near the start, but we're asking that only people who car pool and rider bringing volunteers use that.

With 85 riders we're going to have a very crowded cul-de-sac at the start.

Bathroom at the start/finish

You can use the bathroom at our house at the start and when you finish, but it might be a bit crowded at the start so keep that in mind.

Ride distances

When you register, choose your distance, 100 miles or 100K.

Both rides are the same route until around 40 miles.  At 40 miles the 100K turns off onto the Luce line and the 100 mile heads north.

If you sign up for the 100 mile, and decide to do 100K, that's cool, but please text Jim, number is in the cue sheets.   Last year we went looking for a few riders....  

The 100 mile ride is harder than last year, but 5 miles shorter, if you feel cheated on distance, follow Krone or Carline, they always put in a few extra miles.   Or make up your own and go for the "Dougie-I got lost" trophy.

Check Points

There is a check point in Biscay for both the 100 mile and 100K where there is water at around 33 miles.   

There is a second check point at Stockholm Lutheran Church at 62 miles for the 100 mile.   Water will also be available there.

The 100K riders will have additional chances to stop in Silver Lake at Molly's cafe (42.5 miles) and in Winsted (52 miles) at a grocery store and the corner bar (which has a nice deck)

The two check points are the only place for water on the 100 mile ride, keep that in mind and bring plenty of water as 38 miles on a hot day is a long way to go.

Ed is going to sweep the ride.

Tentative Check Point operating times:

Biscay - 9:30 to 11:00 (or until Ed gets there)
Stockholm - 10:30 to 12:30 (or until Ed gets there) 

Support - not very much

This is an unsupported ride.   You will need to bring adequate water and nourishment for the ride.   You will need to bring tools, spare tubes, ... If you get to a check point, chances are you will get some help from a volunteer.

We'll have some treats at the check points, but not enough to get you 100 miles, so keep that in mind.


We will be "collecting" finish times.    It will be self timed, on your honor.

The finish for places will be before the tunnel where the Luce Line goes under Hwy 25 going into Watertown. at the start of the bridge on the Luce Line, if it's close, figure it out between you guys, we won't have anyone there to decide.   From there ride to the timing finish and let them know your order.

The trophies cost $4 and are not real gold, so no need to get too uptight about a finish place.

Top finisher trophies will likely be given to the winners as they finish.   We'll hand out the others at around 2PM or so.

There is a previous post that describes how you can get a trophy, it's not all about speed.   

Lemming survival party
Tradition holds that at the finish the surviving Lemming herd gathers for a few beers and brats and whatever else Suzanne and Becky can come up with which we will provide on our deck in the back.   

We'll also have something for those who prefer veggie stuff (black bean burgers, humus, ....)

Rules - just a few
  1. You must sign a waiver.
  2. You must check in at the check points.
  3. You must wear a helmet.
  4. You must wear your number on your helmet.
  5. With the exception of your fellow grinders (or a friendly local), you are on your own. This is a self supported event. 
  6. No public urination allowed. Please find a remote woods or ditch in an uninhabited area. 
  7. Obey all traffic laws. This is an open course so show respect. 
  8. Helmet required. 
  9. No littering! Pack out what you bring. 
  10. If you leave the course, you must re-enter at the same spot you left.
  11. If you need to drop, let Jim know via text, number is in the cue sheets.

Maps, waiver, and cue sheets

Here is a link to the cue sheet, waiver, and gpx files.

We'll have cue sheets at the start for everyone, but if you are one of those people that likes to do some laminating and such here they are:

We'll also have waivers at the start for everyone.

Right click the link and download

Cue Sheets  (updated 7/23 to include sprint finish)


100 Mile GPX File

100 K GPX File

Maps below, 

You can also get the gpx files from everytrail by clicking on the map link.

2014 Dirty Lemming 100 Mile

EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking in Minnesota

2014 Dirty Lemming 100K

EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking in Minnesota

Some pictures from the preview ride this Sunday.

Spectators are already lining the course

You will like this bridge, assuming you can find it.  ;-)

Biscay check point

Stockholm check point

Nice place to cool down

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Gravel. The other bike meat.

With two weeks to go we have managed to fill all our drops + a few so we are a bit over 80 riders right now.   So the start will be crowded.

I'm finalizing the route and will publish it the Monday or Tuesday before the ride.   We'll give out cue cards, but we also strongly encourage riders to use the gpx files that we will provide.   Even with all that a number of you will get lost, but that's OK, we have a trophy for that.

We're sitting pretty good with volunteers right now.   But could always use a few extra.   Free T-Shirt, same graphics as below except Neon Yellow.

Yes, bigger trophies this year, expanded categories.  

2014 Categories - You can only win one category, which sucks if you are the fastest oldest rider on a single speed fat bike with great tattoos and spent 3 days making the perfect post card and drove in from Nome.

100K trophies
100 K 50+ TOP FEMALE
100 K 50+ TOP MALE

100 Mile Trophies
100 M 50+ TOP FEMALE
100 M 50+ TOP MALE
Purely subjective

You'll like the heather gray, it's a bit lighter than last years.   It will go nice with that pair of gray plaid shorts or skirt you have been trying to accessorize.