2014 Results

100 Miles

5:27Nick VetterGeared
5:34Trenton RaygorSS
5:34Adam StaufenbergGeared
5:34David ZiemerGeared
5:34Tim OolmanGeared
5:34Bruce AndersonGeared
5:35Scott KleinGeared
5:38Randy PetersonGeared
5:45Steven WilsonGeared
5:46Ken EarleySS
5:59Bill CallasGeared
6:07Bianca BergmanGeared
6:07Adam BergmanGeared
6:15Norm PetersonGeared
6:15Tim HolmstromGeared
6:19Bob MuellerGeared
6:21Wayne BishopGeared
6:21Greg FieldsGeared
6:21Rich ZvosecGeared
6:21John OstmoeGeared
6:22Kurt WaananenFat Bike*
6:24Howard WieboldGeared
6:26Brent LeinGeared
6:27Justin KremerGeared
6:29Andy WilliamsGeared
6:32John WillGeared
6:42John BaritoneGeared
6:43Brian GrohGeared
6:53John CarlineGeared
7:01Cole RogersGeared
7:01Mark SeaburgGeared
7:04Mark BushinskiGeared
7:16Steve SchooGeared
7:16Craig GustafsonGeared
7:16Kristi LinderGeared
7:22Alex KatovGeared
7:26Doug Lost KroneGeared
8:37Larry KirchGeared
8:37Ed MatthiesonGeared
DNSDan JansenGeared
DNSJason LajonGeared
DNSJim BellGeared
DNSMark SkarpohlGeared
DNSJJ EgbersGeared


Tim Kinney

3:33Patrick KinneyGeared
3:47John KnudsonGeared
3:52Brent VacinekGeared
3:54Joe BischoffGeared
3:54Cory "crash" HedinGeared
3:55Bobby VigilGeared
3:55Shaun FlynnGeared
3:58Tony CarterGeared
4:02Robin WellingGeared
4:20Pete PascaleGeared
4:22Peter ThurmesGeared
4:25John HokansonGeared
4:43Tony AbelsonGeared
4:44Dick StardigGeared
4:48Kory JohnsonGeared
4:55Don ScheeseGeared
5:02Michelle WilwerdingGeared
5:03JB MatthewsGeared
5:04Timothy JungGeared
5:08Tim BauerGeared
5:13Luke SicoraGeared
5:13Austin CarlineGeared
5:13Wayne SicoraGeared
5:23Mike BrownGeared
5:24Adisack NhouyvanisvongGeared
5:27Lisa DayGeared
5:28Colin DunnGeared
6:09Brett SweeneyGeared
6:09Vic TonnGeared
6:17Chuck BardenGeared
6:26Sandy OstmoeGeared
6:32Jean AbelsonGeared
DNSCallie VergasGeared

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