Race Day Details

Updated 4/22/18

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Race day details
Race Date: 7/28/2018
Distance: 100 miles or 100 K, confirm your distance when you check in.
Registration: opens at 6 AM (parking... info below)
Start time: 7 AM.

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Yep, lots of chances to score a $3 trophy.

Maps, Cue Sheets, GPX files
We will hand out Cue Sheets at the start.

We encourage the use of gps devices!   Everytrail and a dozen others have smartphone apps that you can use that are either free or only a couple dollars.

Both courses will be the same as last year.

Links for course maps, gpx files, and cue sheet below.

Every Trail Map 100 Mile Course
Every Trail Map 100 K Course
100 K GPX Files
100 Mile GPX File
Combined 100M / 100K Cue Sheet

Yes, you will have to sign a waiver when you register.   

Bring some patience and a good attitude
This is a free ride funded by Jim, Suzanne, Ed, Becky and our families.  The volunteers are our friends and family.

The start will be a bit hectic, but with two distances and varied riding speeds we expect the finish to be fun and laid back.

Registration opens at 6 AM.   
You will need to sign a waiver, get your packet which will include a number for your helmet and a copy of the cue sheet.   

Directions to parking and start
You will need to get to Watertown, from there park at Christ Community Church on Highway 10.   

512 County Rd 10
Watertown, MN 55388

See map on how to get from parking to start.   There is a biffy next to the ball field at the parking lot. Use it to keep the bathroom line at the house down.

There is limited parking on the street near the start, we're asking that only people who car pool and riders bringing volunteers use that.

With ~100 riders we're going to have a very crowded cul-de-sac at the start.

Bathroom at the start/finish
You can use the bathrooms at our house at the start and when you finish, but it might be a bit crowded at the start so keep that in mind.

There is a biffy next to the ball field at the parking lot.  Use it to keep the bathroom line at the house down.  

Check Points
There is a check point in Biscay for both the 100 mile and 100 K at 32 miles.  Water and restrooms are available there.      

There is a second check point at Stockholm Lutheran Church at 61 miles for the 100 mile.   Water will also be available there.

The 100K riders will have additional chances to stop in Winsted (53 miles) at a grocery store, ice cream shop, and the "Corner Bar" (which has a nice deck)

The two check points are the only "official" place for water on the 100 mile ride, keep that in mind and bring plenty of water as 37 miles on a hot day is a long way to go.   The last 39 miles of the 100 mile ride will be in the hottest part of the day for most of you.   If you don't have 100 ounces of water when you leave the last rest stop, you probably don't have enough water.

If you do run out of water, don't be stupid, stop at a farm or house along the way and ask for water.   
I've done it and never been refused.

Ed is going to sweep the 100 mile ride.   Mark will sweep the 100 K ride.

Tentative Check Point operating times:
Biscay - 8:30 to 10:30 (or until Ed/Mark get there)
Stockholm - 10:00 to 12:30 (or until Ed gets there) 

Support - some, but be prepared...
This is officially an unsupported ride.   That being said, we will do what we can to help you enjoy your ride.     You will need to bring adequate water and nourishment for the ride.   You will need to bring tools, spare tubes, ... If you get to a check point, chances are you will get some help from a volunteer.

We'll have some treats at the check points, but not enough to get you 100 miles, so keep that in mind.


We will be "collecting" finish times on a clip board near the finish.    It will be self timed, on your honor.

The sprint finish for those of you concerned with your place will be just before where the Luce Line goes under highway 25 coming into Watertown.   

We'll try put up a cone 50 feet before the tunnel and hopefully it will be there when you finish. Otherwise just improvise.

So if you feel the need to contest a place within the group you are riding with this is where you can do it.   There won't be anyone there to judge so work it out with your fellow sprinters and record it when you get to the finish.

Lemming survival party
Tradition holds that at the finish the surviving Lemming herd gathers for a few beers and brats and whatever else Suzanne can come up with which we will provide on our deck in the back.

We'll also have something for those who prefer veggie stuff, black bean burgers, or something like that.

Rules - just a few

  1. You must sign a waiver.
  2. You must check in at the check points.
  3. You must wear a helmet.
  4. You must wear your number on your helmet.
  5. With the exception of your fellow grinders (or a friendly local), you are on your own. This is a self supported event. 
  6. No public urination allowed. Please find a remote woods, cornfield, or ditch in an uninhabited area. 
  7. Obey all traffic laws. This is an open course so show respect. 
  8. No littering! Pack out what you bring. 
  9. If you leave the course, you must re-enter at the same spot you left.
  10. If you need to drop, let Jim know via text, number is in the cue sheets.

Bags at the start
Feel free to bring a bag to leave at the start/finish so you can change clothes and get comfortable.

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