Ride Details

Details, Details, Details
When : 7AM, Saturday July 20th, 2013
Where: Starts [details coming] Watertown, MN
What: 100 miles, 62 miles

This is an unsupported ride.   You will need to bring adequate water and nourishment for the ride.   You will need to bring tools, spare tubes, ...

New 2013 route is under consideration.....

The 100 mile ride passes by a convenience store at ~47 miles, a park (with water) at ~72 miles and a small grocery store at ~90 miles.  The 62 mile ride passes by a small grocery store at ~48 miles.  

The surviving Lemming herd will gather for a few beers and brats afterwards. 

Where is Watertown, MN?
Follow this link  Map

New parking details coming...   Premium parking for those who carpool.

This is the best part.  It's free!

This is a race, kind of....
We will be "collecting" finish times.    It will be self timed, on your honor.

If you finish the reward is a beer and brats afterwards.

We will have a cut off time.  We're leaning towards somewhere between 12 hours and 2 weeks.

Pick your steed carefully
You will want to ride either a cyclocross bike or mountain bike.  You will want to have wide tires with lots of volume I'd recommend a minimum 40 mm width tire if you have them.  A lot of the roads we will be riding on will be rutted with loose gravel.  Riding on gravel roads requires that you pay attention at all times to the changing conditions of the road.

Please don't get lost
Turn by turn cue sheets will be provided as well as a gpx file for anyone that has a gps.   You will want to at minimum have an odometer as the mileage is posted for each turn.  The course is not marked so you will have to pay attention!!  

We all need more rules in our lives
  1. With the exception of your fellow grinders (or a friendly local), you are on your own. This is a self supported event. 
  2. No public urination allowed. Please find a remote woods or ditch in an uninhabited area. 
  3. Obey all traffic laws. This is an open course so show respect. 
  4. Helmet required. 
  5. No littering! Pack out what you bring. 
  6. If you leave the course, you must re-enter at the same spot.