Sunday, July 31, 2011

Final Results

Thanks to all for riding with us.   It was a warm day with some punishing wind and roads.  The long break for lunch at the Biscay Bar was the highlight of the ride (for me).  

This is what I understand the results to be.

100 M finishers
7:25 Scott Hippen (first open male)
9:38 Tim Lupfer (first SS open male)
9:40 John Barten (first male 50+)100 miles
9:40 Greg Fields

9:41 Robert Matthiesen
9:42 Steve Schoo
9:44 Steve Porvaznik
9:45 Wayne Sicora 

9:46 Doug Krone
9:49 Ed Matthiesen
9:50 Jim Smith (first SS 50+ male)

100 K finishers
4:58 Chuck Barden
4:58 Steve Wacholtz

84 Mile Finisher 
(didn't think he needed cue sheets... Went off track ended up in Hutchinson, had lunch, rode in)
John Carline

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