Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dirty Benjamin

Once again the guys who put on the Dirty Benjamin did an outstanding job and had outstanding weather.   Bit warm and quite humid with a little rain, but seemed like the winds shifted mid ride so there was a lot of tailwind.   I saw quite a few lemmings: Death Rider, Gams, Popo, Schoo, and Tim, and DOUG!

Rode for awhile with Chis Skogen (Mr. Almanzo).   He is every bit as much of a gentleman as you would think from reading his blog.   He slowed down to my pace for quite a stretch to chat.   He is truly the ambassador for the gravel community.

Map below, even though they go through Watertown and Winsted, there is only about 3 miles of common gravel between the Dirty B and Dirty Lemming.

2012 Dirty Benjamin Gravel Grinder

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