Sunday, July 21, 2013

Thanks and Results

Thanks to everyone that came out to ride with us.

Special thanks to the volunteers:   Mark, Marita, Barb, Jen, and Kristina!

We would not be able to pull an event like this off without the help and support of our wives, Suzanne and Becky, who not only tolerate us participating in gravel rides, they allowed us to bring one into our homes.

Hopefully you will come and ride with us again next year.    We will plan to make the weather warmer, the gravel deeper, the beer stronger, and of course, the cookies bigger.

If you notice a big discrepancy in your time, let us know, they are based on the time you hit my driveway at the finish.    

We'll post pictures as they become available.

Jim and Ed.

105 Miles
Rider Name Time
Pork Chop         6:10  - 1st Male
Daven Kokkila (SS) 6:24  - 1st Single Speed
Ken Earley 6:25
Scott Klein         6:25
Stephen Wilson 6:25
Galen Murray 6:28
John Barten 6:46
Dave Bucholz         6:51
Mark Nestande 7:02
Joe Pahr 7:07
Bryce Rasmussen 7:17
Pete Thurmes (SS) 7:26
Greg Fields 7:26
Joe Bischoff 7:26
John Will 7:26
Steve Schoo 7:26
Wayne Bishop 7:26
Craig Gustafson 7:31
Brent Vacinek 7:43
Deb Lind 7:43  - 1st Female
John Ostmoe 7:43
John Young 7:43
Garry Glubka 7:43
Rebekah Gordon 7:48
Paul Wyatt 7:56
Jeff Mandel 7:59
Mark Seaburg 7:59
John Carline 8:11
Jack Zambrowski 8:12
Larry Kirch 8:12
Max Haight 8:13
Ed Matthiesen 8:21
James Foley 8:43
Tiffany Foley 8:43
Brent Lien         8:45
David Peterson 8:45

65 Miles
Rider Name Time
Jason Lajon 3:58  - 1st Male
Bobby Vigil 3:59
Brooks Grossinger 3:59
Tim Kinney 3:59
Steve Wachholtz(SS) 4:10  - 1st Single Speed
Chuck Barden 4:51
Karen Christy 5:08  - 1st Female
Brian Groh         5:09
Peter Pascale 5:11
Brett Sweeney 5:17
Smokanson 5:17
Tim Bauer         5:23
Tom Goblish 6:00
Luke Sicora 6:24
Wayne Sicora 6:24

Alex Katkov DNF - Crashed, but OK

Shirley Johnson DNS
Bob Mueller DNS
Cole Rogers DNS
Dirk Val Matre DNS
Doug Krone DNS
Geoff Jara-Almonte DNS
Michael McElhinney DNS
Patrick Kinney DNS
The Mayor of Gravel DNS


  1. Thanks Jim and Ed for a great event and the post ride festiveness was great. The home brew and brats tasted excellent.

  2. Jim - Thanks to you, your wife and all the other volunteers who made this a really fun event. With this being my first gravel event, I can't think of a better way to start my gravel addiction. I'm hooked!

  3. Add my thanks to the Mayor of Gravel, the encouraging wives, and the volunteers. I had a wonderful time (maybe not chronologically). I’m sure everyone enjoyed your hospitality. Looking forward to next year.

    Paul Wyatt