Sunday, July 27, 2014

2014 Results

Thanks to everyone for showing up, we really had a blast.   Pictures and some comments to follow in the next day or so.

Below is what I have for times, if you see a big discrepancy, let me know, I'll fix it. 

I'm pretty sure something got lost in translation.  This is a lot of time math done in my head.  ;-)   And there is a chance I even have people in the wrong race.

Record times in all categories, weather was certainly a factor and the new course was faster and 5 miles shorter than last year. 

While we didn't have any Fat Bikes entered, Kurt had some tire problems and rode my Fat bike from Stockholm to the finish.  So he won the Fat Bike category, with an asterisk.

100 Miles

5:27 Nick Vetter Geared
5:34 Trenton Raygor SS
5:34 Adam Staufenberg Geared
5:34 David Ziemer Geared
5:34 Tim Oolman Geared
5:34 Bruce Anderson Geared
5:35 Scott Klein Geared
5:38 Randy Peterson Geared
5:45 Steven Wilson Geared
5:46 Ken Earley SS
5:59 Bill Callas Geared
6:07 Bianca Bergman Geared
6:07 Adam Bergman Geared
6:15 Norm Peterson Geared
6:15 Tim Holmstrom Geared
6:19 Bob Mueller Geared
6:21 Wayne Bishop Geared
6:21 Greg Fields Geared
6:21 Rich Zvosec Geared
6:21 John Ostmoe Geared
6:22 Kurt Waananen Fat Bike*
6:24 Howard Wiebold Geared
6:26 Brent Lein Geared
6:27 Justin Kremer Geared
6:29 Andy Williams Geared
6:32 John Will Geared
6:42 John Baritone Geared
6:43 Brian Groh Geared
6:53 John Carline Geared
7:01 Cole Rogers Geared
7:01 Mark Seaburg Geared
7:04 Mark Bushinski Geared
7:16 Steve Schoo Geared
7:16 Craig Gustafson Geared
7:16 Kristi Linder Geared
7:22 Alex Katov Geared
7:26 Doug Lost Krone Geared
8:37 Larry Kirch Geared
8:37 Ed Matthieson Geared
DNS Dan Jansen Geared
DNS Jason Lajon Geared
DNS Jim Bell Geared
DNS Mark Skarpohl Geared
DNS JJ Egbers Geared


Tim Kinney

3:33 Patrick Kinney Geared
3:47 John Knudson Geared
3:52 Brent Vacinek Geared
3:54 Joe Bischoff Geared
3:54 Cory "crash" Hedin Geared
3:55 Bobby Vigil Geared
3:55 Shaun Flynn Geared
3:58 Tony Carter Geared
4:02 Robin Welling Geared
4:20 Pete Pascale Geared
4:22 Peter Thurmes Geared
4:25 John Hokanson Geared
4:43 Tony Abelson Geared
4:44 Dick Stardig Geared
4:48 Kory Johnson Geared
4:55 Don Scheese Geared
5:02 Michelle Wilwerding Geared
5:03 JB Matthews Geared
5:04 Timothy Jung Geared
5:08 Tim Bauer Geared
5:13 Luke Sicora Geared
5:13 Austin Carline Geared
5:13 Wayne Sicora Geared
5:23 Mike Brown Geared
5:24 Adisack Nhouyvanisvong Geared
5:27 Lisa Day Geared
5:28 Colin Dunn Geared
6:09 Brett Sweeney Geared
6:09 Vic Tonn Geared
6:17 Chuck Barden Geared
6:26 Sandy Ostmoe Geared
6:32 Jean Abelson Geared
DNS Callie Vergas Geared


  1. Thank you for hosting such a great event! It was a great day.

  2. Fantastic, fun and fast route, fantastic motorbiker-at-the-kinda-busy-intersections assistance, fantastic feed/drink-in-the-backyard-at-the-finish, fantastic day all around! Thanks for all your work (and the work of all your volunteers) in making it a memorable dusty day.

    When you have a chance, please be sure to move Tim Oolman ahead of me in the results. We finished together, but he had the legs to dust me at the sprint finish line :-)

    1. I just moved Tim ahead of you and fixed a few other timing issues. I think that fantastic motorbiker was Pork Chop, last years winner who didn't feel well enough to ride, but still came out and supported the riders. A true ambassador for the cycling community.

      Fantastic sets the bar higher for next year, but we're up to the challenge.


  3. It must have taken hours to find and check out the smaller roads and connectors, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

    Best sight of the day: the bag of sliced watermelon you were holding at the Stockholm checkpoint.