Saturday, July 29, 2017

Preliminary Results

Thanks again to our volunteers, Ed, Becky, Barb, Marita, Brett, Julie, Nora, Mark, and especially Suzanne who puts in a huge effort during "Lemming Week".

We had a great time and we took a lot of pictures that will be coming soon. 

We would love to see any pictures you may have taken, please send them on.  

Below are the results as of race night.   If we mixed your times up, let me know.

There was some confusion on the finish for times.  Sorry, should have been more clear.   The cone was for the first place sprint to prevent a dangerous run through town.   All finish times were recorded when you got back to the house. 

Sorry, we only have 1 minute resolution on our clock.  :-)

I'm sure there are a few goofs, let us know.



100K Times
Ross Weinzierl 3:12
Greg Bernhardt 3:20
Jeff Hinck 3:20
Mark Gibbon 3:20
Dave Shulman 3:20
Emily Flynn 3:26
Charles Wolf 3:26
Paul Schoening 3:38
Tim Staloch 3:44
Bob Stoltz 3:45
Rich Zvosec 3:45
Mike Hartogh 3:49
Bill Callas 3:51
Blake Koch 3:52
Jay Dellis 3:53
Joseph Mundenar 4:05
Kevin Dana 4:05
Stephen Wilson 4:05
Brett Sloma 4:05
Brent Asproth 4:11
Matt Frost 4:16
Sara Conrad 4:18
John Kleckner 4:18
Dick Anderson 4:21
Jake Bailey 4:21
Mike McElhinney 4:30
Karen Christy 4:33
Brian Groh 4:33
Chuck Barden 4:36
John Ingham 4:36
Joel Salonek 4:40
Michael Miles 4:40
Chris Fandel 4:50
Tim Boyd 4:50
Edward Eroe 5:04
Kate Ankofski 5:06
Sam Kinzel 6:15
Chris Kleckner 7:48
100 Mile Times
Ian Hoogendam 4:51
Nick Vetter 5:08
Jared Lewis 5:27
Norm Peterson 5:27
Peter Moody 5:27
Scott Klein 5:27
Justin Kremer 5:40
Karl Vance 5:40
John Barten 5:42
Mark Hirschmann 6:12
Jeff Henkemeyer 6:14
Mike Campbell 6:15
Paul Peterson 6:16
Rob Mosimann 6:16
Craig Gustafson 6:18
John Carline 6:18
Thako Harris 6:18
Bob Mueller 6:23
Chad Dahlheimer 6:23
Todd Shanafelt 6:31
Greg Fields 6:34
John Jarvis 6:34
Wayne Bishop 6:34
Julia Lyng 6:43
Robert Lyng 6:43
Ed Shaw 6:53
Kurt Waananen 6:54
Steve Schoo 6:54
Tom Fisher 6:54
Dick Stardig 6:55
Andy Williams 7:02
Richard Franco 7:09
Marc Seaburg 7:17
Ed Matthiesen 8:36
Valerie Rittler 10:21


  1. Thank you all so much for putting this on - between the beautiful route, the enthusiastic support from volunteers, and the very fact that the race began/finished at your own home where you invited us in the backyard for delicious food after, I can easily say this is my new favorite race.

  2. Yes, thanks very much for putting on this event. It is a tough ride, but the organization and hospitality are much appreciated.

    btw, Sam Kinzel completed the 100 mile route, not the 100 k route.

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