Sunday, July 22, 2018

Final Routes

See the "Race Day Details" tab on the right for all the information you will need.

Below are courses for next Saturday, again, race day details on the tab on the right with GPX files, cue sheets, and other helpful info.    

The 100K course is the same as last year.

The 100 mile course was re-routed to go through the Biscay check point twice.  It got a bit more complicated around Biscay due to some construction and unintended pavement.  But the new quiet gravel roads down around Brownton make it a very nice ride. On a recon ride last Saturday we encountered 3 cars and 2 bars in the 38 mile Brownton loop.  We like that ratio.

Overall both courses are riding firmly with the exception of the 20 miles from Biscay to Winsted which has quite a few loose gravel sections that will be challenging.

The 10 miles of Luce Line trail from Winsted to Watertown that both courses finish on will be very fast.

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