Sunday, July 22, 2012

Details, details, details

In case you didn't get the email.....

Last minute details:
Start at 7AM, July 28, 2012, if you arrive late (Krone!, Carline!) look for the cue cards on a minivan wind shield in the parking lot.

If you ordered a T-Shirt I'll have them at the start.   They are $16.    I'll also have a waiver for you to sign.   

You are going to want to bring plenty of water.   And some type of energy food.

For the 100 mile route there is a stop at 48.5 miles in Silver Lake where you can get water, (and an ice cream cone!) or other food.   The bar in Biscay is closed at 69 miles, but there is a city park that has a water spigot.   So no bar food lunch this year.   At 92 miles there is a grocery store in Winsted.

For the 100K route the only stop for water/food is at the grocery store in Winsted at 51.5 miles. 

I'll have cue cards printed, here is a map that you may want to print.

Here is an elevation profile and map where you can download a gpx file.   If you have that capability we would encourage it.

Maps only show the 100 mile route, the routes are the same until 45 miles where the 100K and 100 mile route split.   That's shown in the Cue Cards.   Instead of turning right to Silver Lake on the Luce Line you turn left to Winsted.

We'll have details on the post ride party at the start.   We will supply brats, beer, chips, .....   If you can bring a lawn chair that would be nice if we get a big crowd.   The party will start sometime after I finish since it's in my back yard about a mile from the start.   Last year the majority of us rode in small packs and regrouped at stops.   Then we had a 10 mile sprint to finish up after the stop in Winsted.   So most people finished with 10 minutes of each other.   We'll do that again.  But if you are in a hurry, feel free to fly.   If you are fast, or if you end up doing 100K, you can always spend a couple hours shopping in Watertown.  ;-)

This is a self timed ride.   I'll collect the times and come up with a finish order afterwards.    We do have some awards this year.  But you have to be present at the post ride party to get one.

As of today, it looks like the heat will break at the end of the week and we could have cooler, less humid weather on Saturday.    

Again! Plan to carry plenty of water.   I'll be carrying 100 oz.  

If something comes up and you can't make it, please let me know.   We've had a few people drop and we've added a few.   Should be over 30 riders.

If you have any questions, drop me an email.



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