Sunday, September 25, 2011

2012 Dirty Lemming Date July 28

We've set the date and time for the 2012 Dirty Lemming.     

July 28th, 7AM

Registration opens in March, details to come.

The video below pretty much captures the spirit of the ride.


Sunday, July 31, 2011

Video - The book was better.

Reviews of the ride

Tim Lupfer, interesting idea..
Hey Jim,
I enjoyed the Dirty Lemming immensely, but I started thinking, How could this be better? Longer. More extreme. Introducing the first draft of the minneapolis-lemming-minneapolis gravel-rando-thing:




I finished some time just before you and ed. I didnt do a full elapsed time. I also didnt look at the time when I finished. I was just happy to be alive.

Scott Hippen, Scott rode out front from the start and left the rest of us in the gravel dust.
I finished at 2:25, so my time was 7 hours 25 minutes. The course lived up to the name "gravel grinder". It had lots of exposure to sun, wind, loose/deep/challenging gravel.

My computer indicated my time in the saddle was 6:34 yesterday, whereas my saddle time in the Almanzo 100 was 6:55. My opinion is the Dirty Lemming road surfaces are more challenging than Almanzo 100.

I lost my cue cards at Almanzo, so I had a double back after a couple of wrong turns and had to wait-up for riders a few times. I also struggled a bit with cue cards at Dirty Lemmnig during the first 30 or so miles, but after that I seemed to do much better.

Thanks for your work on this.


Chuck led the 100K ride
Hi Jim,
It was a great ride. We finished at 11:58 so 4:58? Steve and I finished at the same time. 

P.S. I've read stories on how Native Americans would wander out on the prairie until they were delirious and named themselves after their visions. Did you see lemmings? It looks like you might have. I saw frogs but then I only went 100k.

Greg Fields
Hi Jim,

Thanks again for putting on such a fun ride! After having my manhood striped of me after failing to finish the Almanzo I needed to complete a gravel century to get the monkey off my back. The route was perfect with great scenery, the stop at the bar with the amazed Harley people, and the fast finish on the Luce Line.  I learned that gravel rides are fun when it is dry! I finished with John at 9:40.

I have tried to watch the video but it comes back and says "This video is private". I can see sitting there but I get that message when I hit play.
[editor, video should be fixed] 
Thanks again! I will be back next year for this one. The group was really fun.


Steve P.

Thanks Jim for your hard work and a great riding experience....I did not expect to have a better time than you until I saw what you looked like at mile 70 at the bar...

I will start saving my $$$ for next years fee's...I heard they are going up to 500.00... Due to a very strong Interest In this classic gravel grinder...
I hope the $$$ pay's the state attorney and mayor of Watertown to keep them off your back...Not to mention the guy who drive's the road grader....Hey, all joking asside thanks, as Arnold would say I'll be back....

Final Results

Thanks to all for riding with us.   It was a warm day with some punishing wind and roads.  The long break for lunch at the Biscay Bar was the highlight of the ride (for me).  

This is what I understand the results to be.

100 M finishers
7:25 Scott Hippen (first open male)
9:38 Tim Lupfer (first SS open male)
9:40 John Barten (first male 50+)100 miles
9:40 Greg Fields

9:41 Robert Matthiesen
9:42 Steve Schoo
9:44 Steve Porvaznik
9:45 Wayne Sicora 

9:46 Doug Krone
9:49 Ed Matthiesen
9:50 Jim Smith (first SS 50+ male)

100 K finishers
4:58 Chuck Barden
4:58 Steve Wacholtz

84 Mile Finisher 
(didn't think he needed cue sheets... Went off track ended up in Hutchinson, had lunch, rode in)
John Carline

Monday, July 25, 2011

Ride this weekend!

We're all set to go.   We'll depart at 7AM sharp. See ride details for parking and other info.   
Check-in 6:45.
Thanks to Dr. Hokanson for designing the new logo for the blog and maybe t-shirts.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

7/16 Double Century Ride - It was hot! But shifting was allowed and it was on pavement.

Lessons Learned: 
1. It was bad Karma to brag about not getting a flat a few weeks ago.   I got two.   

2. It's no fun being the weak member of the pack herd.   The vultures were circling.

Lake Pepin Double Century

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