Monday, February 27, 2012

Postcard Registration opens March 1st

Registration is closed.

Registration will be via a postcard sent to:
Dirty Lemming Gravel Grinder

Include this information on your postcard.
Name (or alias):
Bike type:  Single Speed, Fixie, Geared
Email address:
T-Shirt (Y/N) (Size: S,M,L,XL)

Indicate on your post card if you would like to purchase a t-shirt.  The cost will be something around $20.  The t-shirt will have a logo something like below.

Credit Dr. John Hokanson
As of right now we are limiting the ride to 50.  If we can scrounge up a few  volunteers we will increase this accordingly.   We really would like to get to 100.

At the end of March, if we get more entries than the limit we will select the riders from the post cards sent in.

Selection criteria:
1. John Hokanson for doing our logo work. 
2. Vets (we have 14 vets from last year and they get priority, IF they send in a postcard)
3. Remaining entries will go into a bucket and will be awarded via lottery.

A waiting list will be created based on postmark.   So there is a reason to get your card in early.

We will give out cue cards with turn by turn instructions and a gps file so you can ride at your own pace.   There will be a 100K turn off at around 45 miles if you want to try something shorter or decide to bail.

Our hope is that most riders will think of this as a 100 mile gravel lemming pack pub crawl with the idea of finishing around 9+ hours.   (we stop at one roadside bar for lunch).   The benefit of finishing with the lemming pack is that you will be invited to the survivors party to hose down and enjoy beer and brats after the ride.

This sound like fun, and it is, but this will not be an easy ride, it will likely be very hot and windy.   The actual distance is around 104 miles and over 100 miles are on gravel.   Many of the gravel roads are downright nasty with treacherous loose deep gravel.  There isn't much to speak of for hills.   There is no shade.  It is very remote, we pass through two small towns.   You probably won't have cell coverage for some of the ride.   You will want to carry a lot of water.   The first water stop is at around 50 miles, second at 75 miles for lunch.

This is a founder sponsored ride.   We'll supply blue collar (Pabst) beer and brats at the survivors party.   You are welcome to bring your favorite libation, if you have a favorite micro brew, please bring at least one extra to put into the founders cooler.

Questions?   Post a comment and we'll post an answer.  (or email

Jim and Ed (Founders)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mid February Trail Report

Got the aluminum pony out and did a little gravel scouting this weekend.    

They have already started to erect the
grandstands in anticipation
of the large crowds for the Dirty Lemming.

We will probably not be riding on one of these surfaces.