Sunday, July 21, 2013

Thanks and Results

Thanks to everyone that came out to ride with us.

Special thanks to the volunteers:   Mark, Marita, Barb, Jen, and Kristina!

We would not be able to pull an event like this off without the help and support of our wives, Suzanne and Becky, who not only tolerate us participating in gravel rides, they allowed us to bring one into our homes.

Hopefully you will come and ride with us again next year.    We will plan to make the weather warmer, the gravel deeper, the beer stronger, and of course, the cookies bigger.

If you notice a big discrepancy in your time, let us know, they are based on the time you hit my driveway at the finish.    

We'll post pictures as they become available.

Jim and Ed.

105 Miles
Rider Name Time
Pork Chop         6:10  - 1st Male
Daven Kokkila (SS) 6:24  - 1st Single Speed
Ken Earley 6:25
Scott Klein         6:25
Stephen Wilson 6:25
Galen Murray 6:28
John Barten 6:46
Dave Bucholz         6:51
Mark Nestande 7:02
Joe Pahr 7:07
Bryce Rasmussen 7:17
Pete Thurmes (SS) 7:26
Greg Fields 7:26
Joe Bischoff 7:26
John Will 7:26
Steve Schoo 7:26
Wayne Bishop 7:26
Craig Gustafson 7:31
Brent Vacinek 7:43
Deb Lind 7:43  - 1st Female
John Ostmoe 7:43
John Young 7:43
Garry Glubka 7:43
Rebekah Gordon 7:48
Paul Wyatt 7:56
Jeff Mandel 7:59
Mark Seaburg 7:59
John Carline 8:11
Jack Zambrowski 8:12
Larry Kirch 8:12
Max Haight 8:13
Ed Matthiesen 8:21
James Foley 8:43
Tiffany Foley 8:43
Brent Lien         8:45
David Peterson 8:45

65 Miles
Rider Name Time
Jason Lajon 3:58  - 1st Male
Bobby Vigil 3:59
Brooks Grossinger 3:59
Tim Kinney 3:59
Steve Wachholtz(SS) 4:10  - 1st Single Speed
Chuck Barden 4:51
Karen Christy 5:08  - 1st Female
Brian Groh         5:09
Peter Pascale 5:11
Brett Sweeney 5:17
Smokanson 5:17
Tim Bauer         5:23
Tom Goblish 6:00
Luke Sicora 6:24
Wayne Sicora 6:24

Alex Katkov DNF - Crashed, but OK

Shirley Johnson DNS
Bob Mueller DNS
Cole Rogers DNS
Dirk Val Matre DNS
Doug Krone DNS
Geoff Jara-Almonte DNS
Michael McElhinney DNS
Patrick Kinney DNS
The Mayor of Gravel DNS

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ride details - check back for updates

7/19/2013 Update:

We will have a neutral roll out from my house to the Luce Line with a designated leader.   

While the race finishes at my house, for safety, the sprinting should finish when you leave the limestone of the Luce Line before you cross the bridge.    So if you are involved in a mass sprint, remember your finish order if that is important to you.

Did I mention that my neighbor, Brett, who is also riding is offering use of his pool after the ride?    

If you want to bring a small bag with a change of clothes or a swimsuit for afterwards to the start, you can keep it in the house.


7/18/2013 Update:

Ed (thinking like a civil engineer) made this very nice highlighted map.   For you youngsters who are unfamiliar with maps Ed will be giving a short demo on how it works.  ;-)

History of the Smith Lake Memorial that you will pass by.

Cue sheets and numbers are stuffed....   

T-Shirts rock!  

7/16/2013 Update:

See some of our favorite post cards in the tab on the right.

Don't forget sun screen!

A small container of bug spray will be helpful if you have a mechanical issue in a wooded area.

7/15/2013 Update:


Email Distribution:
Race numbers have been assigned and are shown on the rider list, you will need to put your race number on your waiver.

I'll be mailing out the waiver, a copy of the cue sheets and gpx files late Monday night.   If you don't get the email, send me an email and I'll try again from another account.   Some of you didn't put an email on your post card so that really makes it difficult.

And to top it off, Comcast seems to think this is some kind of rodent porn site....  ;-)

This is a Jim and Ed funded and organized ride and we're getting better at this every year, but there will be snafus as we've more than doubled our number of riders.  All the volunteers are family and friends so give them a big thank you when you see them.  

Your patience will be appreciated and we hope you enjoy the ride.

Be careful, the trophies are not real gold!

A lot of the roads you will be riding on will be rutted with loose gravel. Riding on gravel roads requires that you pay attention at all times to the changing conditions of the road. You may not encounter much traffic, but the traffic you do encounter will be surprised to see a herd of bikers on some of these remote sections.

Hydration / Nutrition: 
Be prepared to carry plenty of water and something to eat. You will need to have enough to get you 50 miles to be safe. The Church in Stockholm has told us they will leave their spigot on for us, but there are no guarantees.    There are two options for water in Biscay at 70 miles so no worries there.

This is a long ride. There are a couple places to stock up such as Molly's cafe in Silver Lake and the grocery store in Winsted.

We'll likely have some treats at the checkpoints, but don't count on it being enough to get you to the finish.

Rules, we have a few:
  1. Waiver, helmet, and good attitude required.  Bicycle recommended.
  2. With the exception of your fellow grinders (or a friendly local), you are on your own. This is a self supported event.    We'll do our best to help you out in a pinch, but come prepared with tools, tires, and such.
  3. If you see someone in trouble, offer aid.
  4. No public urination allowed. Please find a remote woods or ditch in an uninhabited area. 
  5. Obey all traffic laws. This is an open course so show respect. 
  6. No littering! Pack out what you bring. 
  7. If you leave the course, you must re-enter at the same spot.
  8. Be nice or leave (as Dr. Bob would say)
6:15 - Registration opens in my driveway.
6:55 - Riders line up for announcements.
6:57 - National Anthem - Apollo Male Chorus
7:00 - Start

8:30 - expect fast riders to go through checkpoint #1 (Mile 37)
10:30 - expect fast riders to go through checkpoint #2 (Mile 70)

We'll be trying the check people off as they go through the check points.   

11:00 - first 100K finishers
12:00 - first 100 mile finishers

4PM or so, - Awards and accolades - we'll go with the flow on this.  Some trophies are automatic.  So for instance if you are the 100K race male winner, you can pick up your trophy without waiting for the ceremony since it's likely you will be finishing well before the bolus that we expect around 3-4PM.  Some trophies are subjective (best tattoo, douglas award, most improved,...).   Those will be awarded later.

Finish Times: At the finish there may be someone to collect your time or not, head around to the back of the house where the brats, beer, and party is and find the clipboard to record your time.

Directions to Watertown, Parking, and start:
Follow this link which also shows the parking and start / finish.

Parking for the start is at:
Christ Community Lutheran Church
512 County Road 10
Watertown, MN 55388.

Once you get to the parking lot, the start is just down the road and across a field as shown on this map following the dotted line.  We'll try to get a volunteer over to the parking area to direct you, but it's pretty simple.  If you get lost here it's going to be a long day.....

We're going to have the start and finish in front of my house.   We will have 60+ riders coming in over a 5-6 hour period and that's where the grill and libations will be.   This makes the best use of our limited volunteer staff.    The start may be a bit hectic, but with the two distances and riding speeds the finish should be pretty laid back.

My neighbor who is also riding has offered his pool for anyone so inclined. 

Bathroom facilities: A bathroom will be available in the house, but if you can make arrangements to take care of that kind of business before you get to the start that will make things easier.   

You will be expected to sign a waiver before you ride.

Race Numbers / Cue Sheets:
Race numbers will be provided to put on your helmet or handlebar or?? We'll also have a cue sheets available for everyone. You will want to at minimum have an odometer as the mileage is posted for each turn on the cue sheets. The course is not marked so you will have to pay attention!!

If you indicated that you wanted a t-shirt for $20 you can pay for and pick that up at the start. T-Shirts came in at around $16 in the quantities that we ordered and your $20 will help clothe a volunteer.

Course details:
There are two checkpoints at 37 (Stockholm Lutheran Church) and 70 miles (Biscay) where we have arranged to have water available.   
In addition, the 105 mile ride passes by a convenience store at ~47 miles, and a small grocery store at ~94 miles.  The 65 mile ride passes by a small grocery store at ~53 miles.  

The courses run together for the first 47 miles.   At mile 47 you will need to make a decision for 105 miles or 65 miles.

Maps / GPS files: We encourage riders to use a gps device or smart phone.   Everytrail has a nice app for iPhone and Android and you can get both 100 mile and 100 k routes here:

Map with points of interest below:

View Dirty Lemming 100 Mile Course in a larger map

Course Recon from Sunday below
I rode the entire 100 mile course today and it is in great condition. I followed my gps track and the cue sheets and they were spot on.

The course is flat (compared to Ragnorok/Almanzo).   I rode single speed with a 42X17 gearing and it was nearly perfect...   If you were ever thinking single speed this is the ride to do it on.

100 mile course below.   Yes it's 105 miles, but only 101 are on gravel so the other 4 don't count.   Likewise the 100K is 65 miles.  Your registration fee covers 100 miles of gravel and we don't want to deal with refunds.

View Dirty Lemming 100 Mile Course in a larger map

Pictures from the recon ride...

 Spectators are already lining up
Check point #1 Stockholm Church and a rare sighting of a cowapotumus
 Roads are in fantastic shape, right the Luce Line is a bit rougher out this way than what you might see in Plymouth.
Molly is hotter than her picture and she makes a mean strawberry milkshake using real strawberries.  Find someone to share one with.

An acre of brown eyed Susans.   Water at 2nd Checkpoint

 Pickle Bike takes a rest.
Don't see these anymore, original telegraph pole with wooden insulator.  Beer is plentiful though at the Corner Bar in Winsted overlooking the lake.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Gotta keep an eye on the trophies, "The Douglas" trophy keeps leading them over cliffs.

With two weeks to go things are shaping up nicely.

Just updated the rider list.   T-Shirts are due in next Monday.

Ed is working on the parking situation, he's got a plan.    Remember, if you let me know that you are car pooling you will get valet parking at the start/finish.   We're creeping up to close to 60 Lemmings.   Yes, I have a hard time saying no....

Look for an update on the blog early next week with the final details which will include schedule, waiver, maps, cue sheets, gpx files, parking details, .....

Check out the blog for a picture of the hardware.