Monday, August 2, 2021


 Here are some of the pictures from Saturday.     Much thanks to Mary Mulenburg who sent me some great pictures of riders going past their home.   

If you have any pictures you would like to share send them to me.

2021 Dirty Lemming

2019 Dirty Lemming

Been riding with these clowns for 30 years!

Sunday, August 1, 2021

2021 Preliminary Results

It was good to be back after a year off with Covid.  Excellent weather again.  

51 riders completed the course.  Over 40 people dropped out in the last week due to the air quality issues.   

Let me know if you see any issues with the results

65 Milers
3:24 Charles Wolf 1st 100K Male
3:24 Rob "Berto" Douglass 1st 100K Male 50+
3:24 Emily Flynn 1st 100K Female
3:24 Corey Hedin
3:24 Tyler Kluick
3:29 Dana Kromer
3:38 Jay Dellis
3:47 Bill Callas
3:50 Mark Nestande
3:58 Blake Koch
4:11 Lynn Gregory
4:11 Chris Sibley
4:31 Ray Marron
4:31 Mike Berger
4:32 Kevin Vander Velden
4:35 Richard Franco
4:40 Jeff Holm
5:01 Karen Christy
5:01 Brian Groh
5:08 Ed Matthiesen
5:08 Chuck Barden
5:08 Bill "the Camel" Ralph
5:12 Steve Schoo
5:12 John Hokanson
5:12 Craig Gustafson Craig's birthday
5:26 Edward Eroe
6:00 Anthony Robinson Dougie Award - lost
103 Milers
5:04 Josh Molnar 1st 100M Male
5:24 Logan Hahn (WT) 1st Townie 100M
5:24 Danny Storm
5:24 Matt Stenerson
5:27 Eric Sundstrom
5:27 Matt Boie
5:47 Jared Lewis 1st 100M Male 50+
5:53 David Pollitt
6:03 Eric Schmidt
6:10 Prasanna Suryadevar
6:10 Jeff Henkemeyer
6:10 Connor Canfield Youngest Rider (24)
6:15 Ryan Haug
6:20 John Barten Oldest rider (70)
6:54 Kate Coward 1st 100M Female
6:57 Patrick Magnusson
7:04 John Hausladen
7:48 John Carline
8:03 Stephen Wilson
8:03 Geoffrey Wilson
8:30 Greg Fields
8:35 Dean Frederickson
8:35 Angela Hop 1st 100M Female 50+
9:44 Tim Bauer 1st Fat Bike - Last in

Saturday, July 3, 2021

7/29/2021 Dirty Lemming #10 Ride Roster Below

The Ride Roster is Set!!!    Should be a nice day for a gravel ride.    Race day details in the tab on right.

Angela Hop
Arlinda Henderson
Emily Flynn
Karen Christy
Katie Conard
Maria Schoening
Veronica Hudacek 

Adam Froemming (WT)
Alan Klein
Andrew Hudacek 
Andy Keough
Bill "the Camel" Ralph
Bill Callas
Blake Koch
Bob Stoltz
Brian Groh
Brian Shannon
Charles Wolf
Chris Fandred
Chris Sibley
Chuck Barden
Connor Canfield
Corey Hedin
Craig Gustafson
Dana Kromer
Danny Storm
Darin Buchholz
Dave Shulman
David Nagel
David Pollitt
Dean Frederickson
Derek Leventry
Ed Matthiesen
Edward Eroe
Eric Schmidt
Eric Sundstrom
Eric Wing
Gary Elling
Geoffrey Wilson
Greg Bernhardt
Greg Fields
Jared Lewis
Jay Dellis
Jeff Henkemeyer
Jeff Holm
Jeff Mandel
Jim Schultz
Joe Ducosin
Joe Mundenar
Joel Grafenstein
John Barten
John Carline
John Focht
John Hausladen
John Hokanson
John Shirley
Jon Lane
Josh Molnar
Kevin Vander Velden
Larry Mulenburg
Logan Hahn (WT)
Lynn Gregory
Mark Nestande
Matt Boie
Matt Stenerson
Mike Berger 
Norm Peterson
Patrick Magnusson
Paul Schoening
Peter Inveen
Prasanna Suryadevar
Randy Anderson
Ray Marron
Richard Anderson
Richard Franco
Rick Phillips
Rob "Berto" Douglass
Ryan Haug
Stephen Wilson
Steve Schoo
Tim Bauer
Tim Boyd
Todd Young
Tyler Kluick

If you sent a post card and are not on the list drop me an email, that happens more often than it should.

Friday, April 30, 2021

Registration is open!

Registration is now open for the 2021 Dirty Lemming. 

We are again limiting the ride to 100 people.

100M or 100K option, you can chose day of ride.

7/31/2021 - Details to follow.  

Send a postcard to secure your spot. 

Mail to:

Dirty Lemming C/O Jim Smith
916 Dutchmans Way SE
Watertown, MN 55388

Please include....

Bike type:   Single Speed, Fat, Gears, Tandem


Friday, March 26, 2021

2021 Dirty Lemming Postcard Registration opens on May 1

It is official, on May 1st we will open post card registration for the 10th Annual Dirty Lemming which will be held on 7/31/2021.