Monday, December 21, 2020

2021 COVID delayed 10th Annual Dirty Lemming Ride

We are hoping to run our COVID delayed 10th annual ride on July 31st.  

We will probably open post card registration in May as by then we hope to have a better lay of the land, again limiting the number of riders to 100.  

Thursday, July 9, 2020

10th Dirty Lemming - not this year


We have put off the decision as long as we could, but it doesn’t seem feasible to have a Dirty Lemming ride this year.

While we considered holding a virtual event, to us the “Lemming Ride” is as much about the social interaction and seeing old friends as the riding.   

So the 10th Dirty Lemming has been officially postponed until next year.

Stay safe and healthy,

Jim and Suzanne

Thursday, April 9, 2020

2020 Dirty Lemming

Hey Lemmings,

Not sure what the situation will be in July so we are not opening registration yet.    So, we are taking a wait and see approach since no one really knows what things will look like come late July.    

At worst we have a gap year and come back strong and rested.

If you are looking for some fun solo/small group riding, check out this gravel ride I put together this spring.  

Good low traffic gravel option if you are trying to escape the crowds on the paths nearer the cities.    

Includes a tour of 6 round barns.   I've heard there are only 48 true round barns remaining in MN.    A lot in our area though....   3 true round barns and 3 roundish bars (hexagon, octagon)

Probably 90%+ gravel.

Starts and finishes at the Luce Line parking lot in Lyndale.    But lots of places you could jump on if you are coming from SW metro....

Carry lots of water and food since it is a remote ride with the no good options for refueling.

All are visible from the road or maybe a short way up a long driveway.  Please be respectful of the owners!!    My rule has been if I see someone out and about and I wave and they wave back it's an invitation to ride up and say hello.    The few I've talked to using this approach have been very proud of their barns.    I even got a nice tour of the inside of one and details on how it was built by the current owners great grandfather.  

If you do start in Lyndale and ride clockwise here are the approximate locations and some details I gleaned from the owner and a website that documents round barns (yes, it is a thing)....

Round Barn #1 - Mile 2
Octagon - Built in 1917, converted to home in 1978

Round Barn #2 - Mile 7
Octagon - Built in 1906

Round Barn #3 - Mile 24
True Round - Built in 1919

Round Barn #4 - Mile 31
True Round, Hybrid - Built in 1927

Round Barn #5 - Mile 41
True Round - Built in 1902

Round Barn #6 - Mile 44
Octagon - Built in 1906

Stay healthy and safe!

Jim and Suzanne