Sunday, June 24, 2012

Some details in case you didn't get the email

Dear Fellow Lemming,

July 28th is approaching fast and with it another Dirty Lemming Gravel Grinder.    Hopefully you've been out riding some of the spring classics.   Almanzo was very difficult, again.  Dirty Benjamin was very fast, again.   

So to continue the trend we are hoping for very hot and very humid, again.  Not to worry, we have added a mandatory ice cream cone stop at 50 miles for the 100 milers, and of course the Biscay biker bar at 75 miles.   

I'm going to be ordering t-shirts in a week or so.   Follow this link to the roster and verify that I have your shirt option and size filled out correctly.  If not let me know asap.  I'm thinking this shirt would make a very nice Christmas gift for that special lemming in your life.   

Here is the rendering of the graphics for the shirt.

It will be a nice heavy cotton t-shirt.   Same style as the Crush Gravel shirts at the Almanzo.    I'm thinking with the quantities we have right now it shouldn't be more than $16, probably less.   

Of course if something has come up and you can't make it let me know as soon as possible.   No worries, we've had a few people drop and I've added a few.  

If you want to drag a friend along let me know.   We will take a few more riders.  To be fair I might make them send a post card since I like getting mail.   

Again, we have a 100 mile and 100 K option and you can make that call at around 46 miles or so.   We're also going to have a newbie gravel rider or two riding a 40 miler that starts a bit later and hopefully will finish with the 100 milers.

Watch the blog for information as the date approaches.

If you have any questions, drop me an email.



Dirty Benjamin

Once again the guys who put on the Dirty Benjamin did an outstanding job and had outstanding weather.   Bit warm and quite humid with a little rain, but seemed like the winds shifted mid ride so there was a lot of tailwind.   I saw quite a few lemmings: Death Rider, Gams, Popo, Schoo, and Tim, and DOUG!

Rode for awhile with Chis Skogen (Mr. Almanzo).   He is every bit as much of a gentleman as you would think from reading his blog.   He slowed down to my pace for quite a stretch to chat.   He is truly the ambassador for the gravel community.

Map below, even though they go through Watertown and Winsted, there is only about 3 miles of common gravel between the Dirty B and Dirty Lemming.

2012 Dirty Benjamin Gravel Grinder

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Race Director

Mark Bliven will be the 2012 Lemming GG race director.  First thing on his to-do list is to create some fresh gravel for the route.

I'll be sending out an email soon with some details and will confirm any t-shirt requests.

If you are doing the Dirty Benjamin, stop by the red PT Cruiser and say hi before or after the ride (oops, I mean race).

Thanks, Jim da Lemming

This gravel needs some crushing