2012 Results

Special thanks to Suzanne, Becky, and Race Director Mark for the cookies/bananas at the church and the watermelon/bananas in Biscay.   That was nice.   

Wish you guys had ate a few more brats and drank a few more beers.

Again, there were a couple route variations this year.   It was such a nice day, who could blame Doug for wanting to ride 126 miles or the Mayor and Marty for wanting to ride 108.

We didn't get all the times so we took a few guesses based on finish order recollections from the riders at the Survivor Party.    This was after a beer or two so if we messed something up, let me know.

Tim Lupfer301036:46
Bryce Rasmussan241036:46:00
Paul Wyatt601037:18
John Barten611037:50
Steve Schoo491037:50:00
Mark Fontaine541037:50:01
Wayne Bishop451037:50:03
Gary Lindberg481038:05
Bob Mueller511038:10
Doug Krone551038:28
Steve Gleason481038:28
Greg Fields501038:29
Jim Smith531038:31
Craig Gustafson501038:31:01
Ed A. Matthiesen571038:34
Jeff Loso431038:34
Steve Porvaznk531039:00
Marty Martens401039:00
John Carline451039:20
Charles Wild35858:00
Dave Bucholz48634:08:17
Pete Morey43634:08:17
John Hokanson57634:48
Chuck Barden56634:48
John Matthiesen23201:45

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